Practice Areas

Legal Practitioner

We represent clients before courts of law on different issues that affect them.


We handle out of court mediation as well as court annexed mediation in order to solve disputes out of court.

Debt Recovery

We pursue individual and corporation that have clients debt. We make sure you receive back what you deserve.

Commercial Transaction

We do legal drafting of contracts and other documents vital in commercial transactions as well as give advise.

Investment Law & Arbitration

We represent both investors and states that have an investment arbitration dispute.

Company Incorporation

We do incorporation of companies in all the jurisdictions we operate.

Oil & Gas

We have immense expertise in drafting relevant documents and offer advise in the oil & gas industry.

Intellectual property

We help clients in copyright their work, registering their trademarks as well as represent them in such issues.

Human Rights

We have expertise in representing clients on human rights cases before national, international and African regional level.

Islamic Law & Finance

We offer services on Islamic law such as matters of marriage, divorce, inheritance & personal status.

Public International Law

Our team is expertised to represent clients before international courts and tribunals such as ICJ, ITLOS & ICC.

Human Rights

We have expertise in representing clients on human rights cases before national, international and African regional level.

Our Services

Our Areas of Practice range from areas within the domestic legal systems where we operate to the African Region and even at the International Arena.

We have a team that has great expertise in the different areas of practice. The team has worked across different jurisdictions in the world and have tremendously had an impact in the global legal systems. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help.

About us

Legal services you can trust.

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Our Mission

To represent our clients with the best legal representation within the law and code of ethics.

Our Vision

To create an equal and justice environment and community for everyone.

Why Choose Abdulkareem & Associates

Client Needs

Our Firm’s dedication to maintaining and growing a wide range of practice areas, all within the firm, enables it to offer the assistance needed to address clients’ needs.


The Firm’s partners are highly experienced and innovative lawyers, academicians and industry leaders, recognized as experts and emerging leaders in their respective fields. The have received the best possible education and trainings from leading universities and organizations around the world.

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