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We are a Firm of dynamic and experienced lawyers, academicians, psychologist and industry leaders with special flair for twenty-first century legal and policy excellence and up-to-date quality research, business cum leadership training and legal services in accordance with international best practices and standards. We offer premium and efficient services in various fields of legal practice to business partners, both domestic and foreign, representing a broad range of industries. We specialize in business management, policy making; policy analysis and legal research and our areas of expertise range from business management, capacity building, conflict resolution, oil and gas to corporate and commercial law transactions, human rights to Islam and governance issues. We deliver timely and cost-effective solutions with emphasis on thorough analysis and meticulous planning. Our Firm values its clients’ trust and work hard.

Disagreement in itself can be healthy but lack of its proper management can be disastrous, same as resulting to self help. Let Firdaous Chambers worry about all your legal problems and you take care of other important things including but not limited to paying our professional fees.

Abdulkareem Azeez

Managing Partner

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Nigeria Offices

Abdulkareem Azeez
Managing Partner
John A. Akinwumi
Associate, Abuja Office
A.M. Chizi-Boms
Associate, Port Harcourt

East African Offices

Swaleh Hemed
Associate Partner
East Africa
Patrick Muema
Associate Partner
East Africa

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Our Firm’s dedication to maintaining and growing a wide range of practice areas, all within the firm, enables it to offer the assistance needed to address clients’ needs.


The Firm’s partners are highly experienced and innovative lawyers, academicians and industry leaders, recognized as experts and emerging leaders in their respective fields. The have received the best possible education and trainings from leading universities and organizations around the world.

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